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    Existem várias perguntas importantes que só podem ser respondidas por pessoas que já tiveram uma experiência prática. Por essa razão, dividimos todas as lojas de roupa de desporto e lojas de equipamento para o ar livre. Tem alguma experiência com uma destas lojas online? Por favor deixe-nos saber e deixe o seu comentário!

    Cars will always be a tricky thing to buy. Cars are objects to be used, and these kind of objects sometimes break down. That means you are looking for a good garage or auto parts shop that can help you out. But which one is the best? Can you go to no matter which one for advice when you need it? And if a car part does not fit, how easy is it to bring it back and change it for the right part? And maybe even more important: which car part store or garage is most reliable? After all, you don’t want to leave the garage, thinking everything is okay, only to have the same thing happen a week later. That’s why we made an overview of all garages and car part stores. Customers share their hands-on experiences, opinions and complaints. Any experience to add? Please leave a review of your own.